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I have always been attracted by distant and exotic places, even though there was no obvious source of inspiration for that in my early years. So, to my friend’s and family’s surprise, I packed my bags and went to Australia for one year when I was 22. That was before I had my first e-mail address and mobile phone, which made the trip feel like being really far away. I loved that. Despite a few setbacks and moments of foolishness, which are part of ones first adventure abroad, it was a fantastic year and the beginning of a life full of wonderful travels that I hope will never end.

In Australia I experienced the magic of the endless plains and the red, empty outback. I tried to capture this magic to the best of my abilities, using an old analogue Canon AE-1 camera and a bag full of old lenses. When my photos were ready to collect at the local photo lab, I was ecstatic. Or pushed to do much better next time.

And this is how I became relentlessly passionate about photography.

With a degree in tourism (from the Breda University of Applied Sciences) under my belt, I started working as a tour guide for an adventurous travel company, escorting small groups of Dutch travellers on their trips through Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Always armed with my camera, of course.

After that, I became a teacher at the Tourism & Leisure department of an intermediate vocational college, aiming to inspire young people to discover the world and become responsible professionals in tourism.

In 2014 I earned a master's degree in media innovation, expanding my professional skills.

Every year, I travel for two months or more, in search of this magical feeling I had in the red heart of Australia, which I then try to capture in the best possible images. Still with the same passion and by now as a better photographer. Additionally, my career in vocational education gives me countless opportunities to photograph talented and inspiring young people in action.

I observe and try to capture the humour and easy-to-miss details. I am the humble but committed narrator who loves to share these stories with anyone who is curious about the world and its wonderful people.

This website presents a small selection of my ever-growing portfolio, which tells the story of many special places and many special people.

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